Simple Recipes for Joy - Media Roundup Sept 15, 2014


On the eve of the USA release (tomorrow, Sept 16th!) of Sharon Gannon's Simple Recipes for Joy, there have been many reviews of the cookbook and interviews with Sharon popping up on the web. There is lots of excitement surrounding the release of this cookbook, which not only includes recipes to create amazing vegan food, but also gives nourishing advice on how to create spiritual relationships with the food we eat, bringing Joy into our lives. 

We previously posted about Sharon's interviews in Mantra and Origin magazines. Here are three of our favorite recent posts featuring Sharon Gannon and Simple Recipes for Joy:

Yogi Times features An intimate discussion with Sharon Gannon by editorialist Donnalynn Civello. In the interview Sharon reveals her reasons for becoming vegan, her food philosophy, advice for new yogi's who want to optimize their diet, and the key ingredient in vegan cooking.

Girlie Girl Army, the "Glamazon Guide to Conscious Living", has a lovely write-up in their Nosh section titled Sharon Gannon’s Simple Recipes for Joy Will Save Your Life, The Animals, and The Planet.

"Sharon Gannon walks like a Queen, looks like a Fairy Princess, and talks like a Guru.  She’s energetically on another plane, one we all wish we could attain... This is the basic vegan cookbook every busy person afraid of strange ingredients and time consuming recipes needs on their shelf.  If you want to look as good, and be as happy as Sharon, your first step is to pre-order this book now."

America Meditating - Sister Jenna interviews Sharon Gannon 

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