Mantra #6  featuring Sharon Gannon

Mantra #6 featuring Sharon Gannon

Date Publication Article
2015/01/12 Food Network Blog Simple Recipes for Joy: Chatting with Jivamukti’s Sharon Gannon
2014/11/21 Huffington Post Simple Recipes for a Vegan Thanksgiving and Christmas
2014/11/17 42 Yogis Sharon Gannon talks yoga and veganism
2014/11/13 The Hippo Don’t be an angry vegan: Farm-to-table dinner highlights new cookbook
2014/11/13 Concord Monitor Founder of Jivamukti Yoga to teach at Bethel Farm for the first time Saturday
2014/11/11 Toronto Mind Body Sharon Gannon Interview at The Yoga Sanctuary
2014/11/11 Animal Equity Sharon Gannon on Animal Mukti
2014/11/11 Global Mind Body Sharon Gannon on Positive Change
2014/11/07 Almanac Weekly Yogini/restaurateur brings new vegan cookbook to Woodstock
2014/11/5 Main Street Vegan Russell Simmons and Jivamukti's Sharon Gannon
2014/11/04 Maria Shriver Simple Recipe: Try Out Sharon Gannon's Amazing Chocolate Mousse (Vegan!)
2014/10/29 Drishti Point Radio Jivanmukti Yoga
2014/10/25 Our Hen House EPISODE 250: "Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better."
2014/10/21 Rainbeau Mars Meeting with a Master, Yogi Sharon Gannon - Part 1
2014/10/20 Whistler Question NYC yoga teacher launches vegan cookbook in Whistler
2014/10/09 BlackBook Simple Recipes for Joy by the Yogi to the Stars Sharon Gannon (video interview)
2014/10/01 The Post and Courier Jivamukti Yoga co-founder Sharon Gannon publishes her first cookbook
2014/09/30 Yoga City Joyful Cooking With Jivamukti's Renaissance Woman Legendary Yogini Sharon Gannon Launches Her First Book of Vegan Recipes
2014/09/23 Responsible Eating And Living (REAL) Sharon Gannon, Simple Recipes For Joy (audio interview)
2014/09/20 Reality Sandwich The Jivamukti Approach to Food: A Talk with Sharon Gannon
2014/09/18 Kris Carr Curry-Tahini-Shoyu Noodle Soup
2014/09/17 The Kind Life An Interview with World-Renowned Yogini Sharon Gannon
2014/09/16 The Veracious Vegan Simple Recipes for Joy by Sharon Gannon
2014/09/15 Well & Good Jivamukti's Sharon Gannon explains how veganism leads to joy
2014/09/15 Well & Good Recipe: Jivamuktea Café's Spirulina Millet
2014/09/15 Omega Institute Sharon's Amazing Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe
2014/09/15 Epicurean Vegan Cookbook Review & Giveaway: Simple Recipes for Joy by Sharon Gannon
2014/09/15 Yogi Times An intimate discussion with Sharon Gannon
2014/09/10 SRFJ Website Simple Recipes for Joy book review by Joshua Greene
2014/09/05 America Meditating Sharon Gannon, Co-Founder Jivamukti Yoga, Joins Sister Jenna (audio interview)
2014/09/05 Girlie Girl Army Sharon Gannon's Simple Recipes for Joy Will Save Your Life, The Animals, and The Planet
2014 August Origin Magazine Joyful Food, Joyful People
2014 July Mantra Magazine Choose Joy, Eat Vegan

Photos from Sharon Gannon's Book Tour